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There are NO negative side effects of Laser Therapy

Your success is measured immediately.  Unlike drug therapy, there is no need to continue smoking to help your body adjust to unfortunate side effects. With your treatment from the Center for Laser Therapy, there will be no feelings of being sick on a daily basis.

Laser Therapy is instantaneous.  Your treatment date is your quit date, there are no long term plans or delays in quitting.

Everyday someone smokes is one day closer to them dying from a nicotine related death.

Our clients experience no cravings or withdrawal symptoms.  The therapy you receive at the Center for Laser Therapy will not only address your nicotine addiction but will help with the issues of weight gain and stress management.

The cost of Laser Therapy is only $225, far less (and safer) than prescription drugs and nicotine replacement therapies.

We’ve helped thousands of people quit smoking, lose weight and reduce stress. Let us help you !!

Our therapy addresses the physical aspects of eating and the addition of nicotine. Every person is different and has individual psychological and emotional aspects to deal with when losing weight, becoming a  non-smoker and reducing stress, hence, to that end, the process cannot be guaranteed. However, we will work extensively with each person to support their success. Copyright 2014 Center for Laser Therapy LLC