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Life can be stressful. We all face different challenges and obstacles, and sometimes the pressures are hard to handle.  When we feel overwhelmed, under the gun, or unsure of how to meet the demands placed on us, we experience stress.  In small doses, stress can be a good thing.  It can give you the push you need, motivating you to do your best and to stay focused and alert.  Stress is what keeps you on your toes during a presentation at work and drives you to study for your midterm when you'd rather be watching TV.  But when the going gets too tough and life's demands exceed your ability to cope, stress becomes a threat to both your physical and emotional well-being.

Stress is a psychological and physiological response to events that upset our personal balance in some way.  These events or demands are known as stressors.  We usually think of stressors as being negative, such as an exhausting work schedule or a rocky relationship.  However, anything that forces us to adjust can be a stressor.  This includes positive events such as getting married or receiving a promotion. Regardless of whether an event is good or bad, if the changes it brings strain our coping skills and adaptive resources, the end result is the subjective feeling of stress and the body's biological stress response.

Our therapy addresses the physical aspects of eating and the addition of nicotine. Every person is different and has individual psychological and emotional aspects to deal with when losing weight, becoming a  non-smoker and reducing stress, hence, to that end, the process cannot be guaranteed. However, we will work extensively with each person to support their success. Copyright 2014 Center for Laser Therapy LLC