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Weight loss can lower the risk of many diseases such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke and heart disease.  Along with the health benefits, you will have more energy and you will look and feel better about yourself!

In deciding to use laser therapy, you can expect

1) your appetite to be suppressed

2) your cravings for sweet and salty foods to be suppressed

3) your metabolism to be raised which will also give you a boost in your energy level

4) your anxiety level to be lowered

After the first treatment, you should notice an immediate difference in your eating habits.  You will not have cravings for sweets like chocolate, or feel the desire to take large portions of food at mealtime.

Also, people who tend to binge at night will feel empowered to cease this behavior.

The amount of weight loss achieved depends on the individual. Factors such as exercise, genetics, and a change in eating habits all work together.  Someone may lose 2-3 lbs. in a week. Others may not lose any weight the first week, but definitely see a change in their eating habits.  The change in eating habits and regular exercise is what will guarantee loss of weight with time.

Please understand that it takes time to lose weight. The amount of time it takes depends on each individual’s metabolism and exercise/daily routine.

Our therapy addresses the physical aspects of eating and the addition of nicotine. Every person is different and has individual psychological and emotional aspects to deal with when losing weight, becoming a  non-smoker and reducing stress, hence, to that end, the process cannot be guaranteed. However, we will work extensively with each person to support their success. Copyright 2014 Center for Laser Therapy LLC