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Cigarettes work by manipulating endorphins so consequently an effective remedy must also target these chemical signals. To put it simply, an endorphin is a "feel good" chemical that is released throughout the body, thus creating an overall sense of well-being.

When a person smokes, the endorphins are stimulated artificially. This inhibits the natural course of endorphins and may lead to inappropriate release of the chemical. Eventually a smoker cannot release endorphins without the help of cigarettes and therein lies the basis for addiction.

The laser therapy that we use will create a constant flow of endorphins throughout your system. Our treatment procedure will keep these endorphins flowing for nearly two months, during which time previous smokers will no longer feel the cravings that have left them dependent on nicotine. This will allow you the opportunity to rid yourself of the deadly toxins associated with  tobacco usage so you can create a healthier lifestyle.

By the time these pleasurable chemicals are done flowing, you will be clear of any hurdles of addiction or dependence that would have previously inhibited you from quitting tobacco products.

We’ve helped thousands of people quit smoking, lose weight and reduce stress. Let us help you !!

Our therapy addresses the physical aspects of eating and the addition of nicotine. Every person is different and has individual psychological and emotional aspects to deal with when losing weight, becoming a  non-smoker and reducing stress, hence, to that end, the process cannot be guaranteed. However, we will work extensively with each person to support their success. Copyright 2014 Center for Laser Therapy LLC