For your patients who are ready to quit,

there is a better solution than drugs & nicotine replacement therapies.

Primum No Nocere - First do no harm

 Non – Invasive

✓ 100% Painless

✓ No Medication

✓ No Side Effects

✓ No Needles

✓ Single Treatment

In a society where the majority of medical professionals prescribe pharmacological remedies for given symptoms, alternative protocols are often overlooked. This is easily understood with the continual barrage of pharmaceutical representatives backed by huge marketing campaigns and political lobbyists.  Although there are numerous studies indicating the safety of most drugs and vaccines, history has proven that there is no such thing as a safe drug.  “Drugs by nature are powerful substances, and individual responses are unpredictable.”

For your patients who are ready to quit smoking there is a better, more effective, more reliable, and safe solution. 

The solution is The Center for Laser Therapy.

Laser Therapy for smoking cessation has been used in Europe and Canada for over thirty years without a single reported adverse reaction.